COMM-ICU is an app for iOS devices designed to aid hospital inpatients with communication difficulties. I regularly encountered patients who for various reasons were unable to communicate a question, request or feedback. I could see the frustration associated with this and felt that there were not adequate tools available to assist in these situations.COMM-ICU is an app that can be downloaded by patients/relatives/healthcare providers and act as an extra tool to help establish and maintain good communication- an essential component of providing good care.

Pre-Programmed Responses

COMM-ICU has a large range of pre-programmed responses which cover many phrases which a patient may want to ask whilst receiving care in hospital.

Custom Phrases

Can’t find the phrase you want? It’s no problem – COMM-ICU has 2 text input methods to allow the user to create phrases from scratch. The first input method utilises the iOS device keyboard, however, recognising this could present a challenge for some patients another text input method was created with larger keys.

Coming soon… Languages

Our developers are currently working on support for other languages. The COMM-ICU phrases will act as a phrase book for patients who do not speak english as their first language. It is our hope that this feature will help this group of patients feel more at ease particularly at times when a professional translator is not present.

We welcome any feedback to help us improve. For any technical support please email georgegateapps@gmail.com